About Creative Real Estate

Creative Real Estate is a Boutique Estate Agency.

My name is Jo Lawless and I own and operate Creative Real Estate and have done so since 1st July 1995.  I work from home and am without a doubt the smallest Land Agent in Adelaide. I began my career back in the late 1980’s and with a few years under my belt I took the plunge. Best decision I ever made and I have never looked back.  I was told I would never survive against the big agents and you know what… I did.

What makes me different is the service all clients receive from me. Whether they be vendor, purchaser, landlord or tenant, I treat all with respect and offer excellent customer service.

My mottos are simple:

  1. Involve the client in every aspect of the sale
  2. Communication is paramount.

So if you are considering selling or need a property manager please call me and see how cost effective I can be. Having been here for 28 years you know I’m doing something right!

Creative Real Estate Logo

Creative Real Estate Logo